Putting on the Ritz Luncheon at the Polo Club of Boca Raton


In early January the Polo Club of Boca Raton turned into a place of glitz and elegance for a night. The cause was big enough – the Pap Corps organization was raising funds for cancer research programs at the University of Miami. Elie Tahari was not simply a honorable guest of the event, but a fashion show host.

The annual luncheon was held in a “Putting on the Ritz” theme style. This year the event set a record: first off, by a number of guests (550 members and guests) and, second, by the amount of money raised – $ 200,000.

Elie Tahari is a long-time friend of Arnold Cohen and his wife Barbara, who were honored for their generosity that evening. The Israeli-born designer said that Arnold Cohen was a mensch in the industry and they both look forward “to do good things in the world”.

Bright blue ballroom was a matching place for Elie Tahari Spring 2015 collection, which is the blend of feminine styles and earthy, weathered and natural pieces. This is what Elie Tahari said about his collection: “It’s about femininity and going back to nature”. (more…)

Elie Tahari Pre-Fall 2015 Collection

Do you remember that interview with Elie Tahari where he revealed the source of his inspiration? Let me remind if you don’t. While many people are inspired by works of art of Picasso, Monet and other geniuses, Elie Tahari is fond of architecture.

In fact it’s hard to find the connection between clothing and buildings, but Elie Tahari can do that. He says he is inspired by lines in architecture, silhouettes of the constructions, claddings, mixed materials and many more. The ideas for his Pre-fall 2015 collection Elie Tahari found in The New Whitney designed by Renzo Piano. The museum is situated between the Hudson River and the High Line and will be opened in May 1, 2015. The Israeli designer has literally implemented what he saw in practice: he mixed various fabrics and applied laser technology to cut pieces in fabric that resembles multitude of windows on a skyscraper. The fabrics used are leather (highly appreciated by Elie Tahari), nylon, neoprene and linen