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For majority of women “cozy outfit” means pants and anything on top like a jumper, knits, T-shirt or blouse. But once you are to go for a date night it’s automatically means you have to ditch your super cozy clothing. No way! You can look pretty cozy even on your go out occasion. This is matchy pair of Elie Tahari pieces that fit day and night: Elie Tahari Silk Dash Blouse and Elie Tahari Azella Jeans. You can find both on saksfifthavenue.com.

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Day version: opt for this clothing and jump into a pair of soft snickers or flats and take an oversized tote. You can also take a belt for a more sporty look. Night version: nothing is better for night out as high heels or pumps. Change your large handbag for a bold clutch, apply more mascara and reapply your deodorant and you are good to go!

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