Fabulous Elie Tahari Spring/Summer Collection 2015

After I enjoyed viewing Elie Tahari Spring/Summer 2015 Collection the feeling of deja vu didn’t leave me. The idea to have his models stand against a season-matching background β€” this is what Elie Tahari used for the second time but each time it looks fresh and classy (here’s how he used the benefits of entourage of his Fall/Winter 2014 Collection).

It’s hard to guess who inspired Elie Tahari on using wooden pallets for a background but they amazingly underline the atmosphere of an upcoming season and the beauty of the outfits. So briefly about the collection:

Fabrics β€” are claimed to be all natural. Jackets are made of soft laser-cut leather material, tanks and pants are cotton. You can also see a lovely anorak made of canvas. Some summer dresses and blouses are made of natural gauzy fabric. Lots of delicate laced fabrics. So the fabrics are various to correspond a changeable weather and your personal taste preferences.

Color palette β€” is summery flattering! Classic white color is always a win-win option, Elie Tahari known that, but bright pops of color looks glamorous in combination with white. Pops are mostly red and coral, so they are screamingly contrasting against a sandy-hued fabric. Also there are various hues of gray color: from blue-gray to graphite-gray.

Style β€” is versatile with Elie Tahari. You can elegantly wear a pencil skirt, dainty leather jacket or a cotton tank and another day change all that for something more casual like pareo skirt, relaxed culottes or canvas anorak. In his spring/summer collection the Israeli designer tried to consider all possible quirks of ladies.

Accessories β€” this time much attention is paid to details. I got used to see totes or clutches but that was a pleasant surprise to also see hats and bracelets (I have a soft spot for bracelets!) that complement with lovely clothing. They are massive square bracelets to grab the attention. Also there are scarves to add a pop of color to the entire ensemble. I love a sky-blue scarf on a snow-white blouse. The preference is give to crumple-me clutches, they in fact look quite unpretentious and at the same time jazzy.

However, the look that won the stage was Elie Tahari iPhone dress.

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