High-Tech Dress by Elie Tahari


There’s an iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus global hysteria all around. Did you see those pictures from different parts of the world where there are so very long long queues of customers crowded in the streets waiting for a door opened? It seems Elie Tahari surrendered to influence of it as well. No, he is not hasting to buy a new iPhone device, rather to hang in onto a… dress? Yes! He is ready to present a high-end technological instead of traditional elegant and sophisticated dress made of iPhones. An unexpected turn of events from the Israeli designer.

Elie Tahari is obviously an iPhone fanatic. He made a dress out of Apple devices and presented it as one of the outfits from Elie Tahari Spring Collection 2015. Fifty smartphones pay tribute to the launch of iPhone 6. They are attached to technofabric, a fabric specifically created for this purpose. Well, the dress pretended to be a mix of fashion, art and technology, but in real life it looks quite weird.

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