Outfits from Elie Tahari to Warm You Up

The last days of August in some locations are not that hot and when light cool breeze blows I instinctively try to grab a jacket to through on. Do you? It seems it’s time to get ready for a fall season beforehand and choose a comfortable knit or a jacket to have with you at night.

I don’t know what your favorite style is but mine is casual yet womanish. Comfort is the main priority with me, the second demand is a versatility because sometimes I can opt for more strict style and it’s nice to have clothing to fit both variants. This is what I found in Elie Tahari collection to satisfy my demands:

1 Knit ق€“ I love knits, this is a type of clothing for all of life’s emergencies. Grey color can be combined with nearly any color be it dark or bright. You can jump into a pair of jeans and sneakers, opt for black pants or denim skirt ق€“ definitely a versatile thing.

E30EE524_B0M_RB1_324x477Elie Tahari Sandrine Knit, now on sale for $149.00

2 Tweed jacket ق€“ I’m not speaking of a thick, coat-like jacket which is good for really cold weather, but of a lightweight layering piece. It’s soft and pleasant to a skin, warm enough and breathable, the best choice in chill evenings.

E3036104_C0D_RB1_324x477Elie Tahari Harla Tweed Jacket, now on sale for $164.00

3 Not very classic jacket ق€“ by that I mean not exactly a style but a manner of wearing. I love the idea when classic jacket is work with rolled up sleeves or a scarf. Take a clutch and wear heels to acquire a more business-like style or a big tote and flats when you go to a cafe for a cup of coffee with your friends. It’s like you can adapt one piece to many occasions.

E4033104_001_RB1_324x477Elie Tahari Wendy Jacket, now on sale for $160.00

E233G114_C06_RB1_324x477Elie Tahari Darcy Jacket, now on sale for $499.00 (made of softest lamb skin)

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