Trio of Best Elie Tahari Dresses

Once you visit Elie Tahari oficial website you find there is a dress update. This can be essential for a lady who’s got an opportunity to wear a beatuful gown for an important event. Formal events are normally scarce like Christmas parties, weddings, some special meetings and all of them call for a formal dress. So if you know there’s a party to come soon, make sure you are ready for it.

Looking through the collection of dresses I picked three of them which I’m sure I would find a chance to wear. My main demand in choosing a right dress is how much skin it closes. I like when a dress covers all the right places so that during the party I would think rather how to make fun than how much bare skin I have.

What I like in Elie Tahari dresses is that all of them look sophisticated, nice and modest at the same time. Modest here is not used in a sense of “matronal” associated with heavy opaque fabric and strict design. Too revealed dresses are easy to find, it seems there is a trend to wear less but to show off more skin. If you don’t like that trend, welcome to Elie Tahari dresses club, where dress underlines the beauty of the lady in a gentle way. You can also wear them for not so formal events like to church on Sunday. Here are my favorite:

Venezia dressVenezia Elie Tahari Dress

Sarella dressSarella Elie Tahari Dress

Aiden DressAiden Elie Tahari Dress

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