Go Popsicle. Or Kiwi?

Morris blouse1

Do you want to have a versatile blouse to match a classic skirt and a pair of jeans at the same time? I’ve found one by Elie Tahari that is on sale right now ($138 instead of $228). This is Morris Blouse made of thin flowy fabric. Depending on what you wear on the bottom it may look like a blouse or like a loose T-shirt. Due to it’s loose design it will be perfect in a hot day.

What I like most of all is it’s color palette. This is a double colored blouse with front and back being of different colors. This make it a bit of a casual style. It comes in Passion Tea/Popsicle color and Sandstone/kiwi Plung. My choice is popsicle! Though kiwi looks fresh and summery. Morris blouse will definitely make a statement. You can through it into the mix every so often with other pieces from your wardrobe. One day you can jump into a pair of snickers and take on a jacket, while the other day you can opt for heels and elegant pants. In any event, Morris blouse won’t gather dust on a hanger. I love, love, love it!

 Morris Blouse backMorris blouse sand Morris blouse kiwi

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