Elie Tahari’s Ideas Come to Life

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Ilana sunglassesI’ve mentioned already about Elie Tahari’s intention to launch the eyewear collection at affordable prices as well as the legwear pieces that would be as soft as silk. Elie Tahari stood to promise!

Let’s first focus on sunglasses. They are lovely! The color scheme for the rim is quite rich taking into account that the whole eyewear collection is not as large (like in Ray Ban, for instance). In any event I would love to try Ilana oversized glasses. They are the mixture of contrasts: rounded fogged rims of light blue/gray color and black frames with metal Elie Tahari logo on them. Definitely made for a wow effect. I wouldn’t say they match any style, they won’t. But if you try them on and find they fit you, they will definitely complement your look! There are also glasses with cat eye rims with violet glass and oversized cat eye-styled glasses framed in a bright poppy red rim with leopard frames. One for a movie star I guess.

As for hosiery there are stockings and knee highs. Surely there as some basic models for ladies of classic style and some with flattering accents. Tridot back seam stockings are jaw-dropping. If you want to add some spice to your look you can simply change your classic stockings to these ones and enjoy the effect they will surely make.

trim backFor full assortment of Elie Tahari pieces visit his official website.

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