Prize for Brand Vision to Elie Tahari

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Elie Tahari is an iconic Israeli-American designer, who managed to raise huge capical and create personal style with a couple of dollars in the pocket. He can boast 40 years of successful Elie Tahari brand history with a 40th anniversary celebration as one of the most bright events. But now there is time for just another celebration — a prize for brand vision.
This October is a special month for Diane von Furstenberg, the hero of the occasion and the famous American fashion designer. She started her careen earlier than Elie Tahari, in the `70s and the demand for her clothing has never decreased. Diane is 67 now and she deserved to be praised with a special prize and to be called a superstar by the Fashion Group International during their Night of Stars event.
Coming back to Elie Tahari, among others he’s going to be a special guest there and to get the prize specifically meant for him – it is called a prize ‘for brand vision’. Let me put the things right  – the envision, since there’s hardly anything else but for Elie Tahari’s special talent to foresee tendencies in fashion beforehand. Congratulations, Mr. Tahari, this is a decent award to honor his talents.

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