Elie Tahari Got a Medal from the National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations

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Not much time passed since Elie Tahari celebrated his 40th anniversary and was honored to get a day named in his honor, when there is another big event where an Israeli-American designer got a privilege to be a honorable presentee. It looks like he set the ball rolling, hopefully there will be another big occasion soon. But now this is a medal given him by the National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations (NECO).

This year Ellis Island Medals of Honor were given to nine Chinese Americans all over the States. Traditionally there were 100 recipients. The main criteria was how much contribution this or that honoree made to the American culture. Many immigrants were nominated and it was hard to pick up a limited number. Except Elie Tahari the medals were given to Yuesai Kan, David Thorne, Gary Sze Kong, Evander Holyfield just to name a few. All these people get much from living in this country, most of them came in a search of an American dream risking all they had and they didn’t fail. But most of them claim they also learned much from living in the USA an immigrants.

Elie Tahari’s contribution is huge and it would be a mistake to underestimate it. Let me remind you that Elie Tahari hardly dreamed about coming into fashion business. Ever. When he came to the States he worked as an electrician in a studio. There he has a chance to see what fashion tendencies are popular and mostly preferred. It’s still impossible to realize how he can foresee what would women like, but 40 years already passed since his first collection of disco dresses was presented. Now he has pretty much items on offer: accessories, shoes, men’s clothing and the assortment is rich. Elie Tahari toned style with some dainty accents, which still remains comfortable and wearable. He really deserved this medal. Congratulations, Mr. Tahari!

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