Lots of White from Elie Tahari

Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not comfortable.

A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.

It’s hard to spoil a mood to a woman dressed in bright clothing.

All these tree quotes belong to Coco Chanel, an iconic lady and an extremely talented fashion designer. She was charming and everything she said about fashion and women could be cited. Unfortunately, Elie Tahari is not that talkative but fortunately none the less creative. His outfits speak for him. And he seems to follow these kinda three rules once said by Coco.

I can’t be quiet on what I found in Elie Tahari new arrivals: lots of white super comfortable clothing. For me, who likes black but not too obsessed wearing it, white is the best choice. But only white is too much, so it’s nice to combine it with other colors or shades. I picked up three ‘white’ looks offered by Elie Tahari which I liked most of all.

1 Pants are my passion so my choice is vivid. Here I like the mixture of gray skinnies with a flowy white sleeveless blouse. The look is very simple yet quite elegant. I would also add some accessories like a silver chain with a mid-sized pendant and a bracelet. A tote will give it a more casual look, while an elegant clutch will make you look a business-like lady.


2 Snow-white pants combined with a coal-black blouse and you are a star of the show. Absolutely classical look. Beautiful!


3 Perforated slim fitting jeans. I’m not a fan of holes but I like these ones. Not too many of them, made in a pretty way at the bottom of the jeans, which actually don’t look like jeans at all. And this absolutely light sleeveless blouse with an unostentatious transparent snake print in the center part. Love, love, LOVE it!

Enjoy these summer looks by Elie Tahari!

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