Flowy Scarves: Flattering Spring/Summer Accessories from Elie Tahari

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If you want to get a playful summer look ق€“ opt for a scarf. If you want to add some specific zest to your summer look ق€“ opt for a scarf. If you want to get a stylish yet not too strict look ق€“ opt for a scarf. This summer you are to play with scarves, it’s a trend!

Accessories are meant to complement your outfit but at the same time not to compete with it. Sometimes its hard to find a balance between these two but it can be quite interesting to juggle with a couple of scarves to see how they can change your entire style. There are some ‘scarf’s’ trends for this summer for you to experiment:

Colors: hints of pink, fiery hues and icy pastels. Mediterranean blue and ocean blue is the preferred color. Also the combination of black and white is the hottest trend this season. Elie Tahari has Stevie scarf on offer which is available in Chery Jam (fiery hue), Mint Foam and Sea Mist (icy pastels) colors.

Fabrics: Since we are speaking about summer sheer fabric is the best choice. With some designers shiny is also in fashion. Elie Tahari prefers his scarves to be flowy and airy what one the one hand may look bulky but on the other very catchy.

Size: The larger the better! Oversized and extra large accessories seem to never go out of fashion. Yet you should find a balance between the size and the color to not make your accessory too flashy.

How to wear: You can make rings around your neck out of a long scarf. Or you can wear it like a shawl when it’s chill at night. This summer it’s recommended to wear them on head. Put it roughly around your neck and on your hear to add some charm.

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