How to Wear Peep Toe Booties?

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Peep toe booties can hardly be referred to fall shoes, they are mostly like sandals with perforations and open toes. They can be classic, of reserved style with open toes and high heels, as well as extravagant or even brutal with straps, cuts, of military style. Whatever they are, they definitely add some zest to your whole look and a pair of them is a must have in lady’s wardrobe.

Elie Tahari has a separate ‘shelf’ dedicated to ankle boots and peep toe pumps. He known what a lady likes. He has them in his every collection by the way, underlining they are must haves. Suede high-hills with open toes look gorgeous. Here are some of Elie Tahari peep toes I chose to my liking:



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But some still feel weird about that kind of booties now knowing how to wear them and what to combine with. So these are some recommendations:

  1. Wear them with cropped pants and jeans. Cropped are recommended because in this case booties stand out. If you don’t have cropped ones, you can just experiment by rolling your jeans up, a kind of casual-trendy style.
  2. Wear them with shorts and short skirts. No more words, just try it and you’ll see how lovely you’ll look. Some even prefer toeless shoes with cocktail dresses, but it mostly depends on the dress.
  3. No socks and tights! Well, toeless shoes are made to keep your toes open, so there is no sense to hide them with socks, right? Though the recent trend is to wear shoes with socks, but if you are not sure about that or you don’t feel comfortable in that style, better not experiment. It can be risky ِŸ™‚
  4. Perfect pedicure! Peep toes are not for lazy women. If you want to underline you are not the one, opt for a pair of peep toe booties to show off your treated toenails.

Here are some looks I’ve found in the net to show you how fashionistas wear peep toe booties:


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