Discussing Collar Styles of Elie Tahari Coats

When I was browsing over Elie Tahari outwear collection I noticed something I want to share with you. At first glance when I scrolled over the coats designed by Elie Tahari, say, at polyvore.com. my first impression was that all of them are of reserved strict style of a classic color palette preferably white, black, gray and beige. But once I started to separate one outfit from the other I found out what makes each of them unique, flavored with a dainty accent — a collar.

Elie Tahari uses a mix of collar styles in his coast. From eccentric down filled pillow collars to classic points. In between the styles are numerous and each coat can work perfectly for a certain (often even some) occasion. So the following are the collars I like most in Elie Tahari coats, just to name a few:

1. Pleat collar — it looks like a large shawl collar but over-sized one. For example, ‘Cheryl’ Pleat Collar Trench Coat by T Tahari features three thoroughly made pleats on both sides and a few on the back. It would go nice with a dress or skirt & blouse underneath granting a wearer with a more dramatic look. You can also drop it over casual cloths like jeans to add a stylish look.


2. Shawl collar — an open one with a low-cut neckline to show off your nice décolleté in warm weather or beautiful scarf when it’s chill. Such a collar is quite magnetic since it does draw stares. Ladies of any age like that, don’t they? And Elie Tahari knows that precisely, that is why he added Olive Wool Blended Double-Breasted ‘Alessia’ shawl collar coat to his collection of cloths I think.


3. Pillow collar — a large puffy collar on a down jacket. Sometimes it can be too large and I don’t find it too practical or pretty when your head sinks deep inside a down coat amid pillow mountains. Unless I’m in Alaska. But I do like a casual (not oversized) look of Mink Brown Down Filled Pillar Collar ‘Giselle’ Coat offered by T Tahari brand. I could wear it every day, too relaxed and lovely to get it off.


4. Ruffled collar — it features a distinctive ruffled detaile attached to a classically trimmed coat. Ruffles are made of the same material as the main outfit. No scarf is needed. It goes best with dresses or skirts and high heels. At least this is how you make the best of it. Have a look at Elie Tahari Black Wool Blended Ruffle Detailed ‘Sara’ Coat.


5. Envelope collar — often used in asymmetric or double-breasted coats. Not only practical and functional in a cold weather but looks absolutely chic both when open or closed. Elie Tahari has a lot of lovely coats with envelope collar in his collections but Double-Brested Wool-Blend Faux-Leather is my favorite. It’s versatile and looks incredibly stylish.

envelope collar


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