Hurry Up for Nordstrom Clearance Sale

No time to waste time, this is a Nordstrom sale where you can save up to 50% on clothing and accessories. You may think there’s no need to act in the heat of the moment and you’ll be wrong. The sizes are disappearing so fast that while you may be thinking over this or that dress both will be missing already. The sale lasts up to Sept 7th, yes there’s time to decide but be fast to choose.

Items are great, fall pieces are numerous, and there’s of course many offered by Elie Tahari. Here are some of my favorite picks:

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I found them here.

Outfits from Elie Tahari to Warm You Up

The last days of August in some locations are not that hot and when light cool breeze blows I instinctively try to grab a jacket to through on. Do you? It seems it’s time to get ready for a fall season beforehand and choose a comfortable knit or a jacket to have with you at night.

I don’t know what your favorite style is but mine is casual yet womanish. Comfort is the main priority with me, the second demand is a versatility because sometimes I can opt for more strict style and it’s nice to have clothing to fit both variants. This is what I found in Elie Tahari collection to satisfy my demands:

1 Knit ق€“ I love knits, this is a type of clothing for all of life’s emergencies. Grey color can be combined with nearly any color be it dark or bright. You can jump into a pair of jeans and sneakers, opt for black pants or denim skirt ق€“ definitely a versatile thing.

E30EE524_B0M_RB1_324x477Elie Tahari Sandrine Knit, now on sale for $149.00


So Summery And Flowy


When the sun is too hot and pitiless and you don’t have a chance to sunbathe on the beach, the only thing you can make to somehow cool yourself is to change your wardrobe. Nadine Blouse by Elie Tahari is a must-have when the thermometer outside is boiling. It is made of a sheer chiffon fabric, so light that you don’t feel it. Due to its loose style you’ll never get your back wet with sweat. Pleated back part will catch the slightest breeze to freshen you up.

This blouse is of a versatile style. It can be easily worn with pants, skirts, jeans or even shorts. You can mix it with bright accessories to add some glam.

Nadine Blouse comes in black, white and peach colors. It is now on sale, so you can save up to $100 on it.



Elie Tahari’s Ideas Come to Life

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Ilana sunglassesI’ve mentioned already about Elie Tahari’s intention to launch the eyewear collection at affordable prices as well as the legwear pieces that would be as soft as silk. Elie Tahari stood to promise!

Let’s first focus on sunglasses. They are lovely! The color scheme for the rim is quite rich taking into account that the whole eyewear collection is not as large (like in Ray Ban, for instance). In any event I would love to try Ilana oversized glasses. They are the mixture of contrasts: rounded fogged rims of light blue/gray color and black frames with metal Elie Tahari logo on them. Definitely made for a wow effect. I wouldn’t say they match any style, they won’t. But if you try them on and find they fit you, they will definitely complement your look! There are also glasses with cat eye rims with violet glass and oversized cat eye-styled glasses framed in a bright poppy red rim with leopard frames. One for a movie star I guess. (more…)

Go Popsicle. Or Kiwi?

Morris blouse1

Do you want to have a versatile blouse to match a classic skirt and a pair of jeans at the same time? I’ve found one by Elie Tahari that is on sale right now ($138 instead of $228). This is Morris Blouse made of thin flowy fabric. Depending on what you wear on the bottom it may look like a blouse or like a loose T-shirt. Due to it’s loose design it will be perfect in a hot day.

What I like most of all is it’s color palette. This is a double colored blouse with front and back being of different colors. This make it a bit of a casual style. It comes in Passion Tea/Popsicle color and Sandstone/kiwi Plung. My choice is popsicle! Though kiwi looks fresh and summery. Morris blouse will definitely make a statement. You can through it into the mix every so often with other pieces from your wardrobe. One day you can jump into a pair of snickers and take on a jacket, while the other day you can opt for heels and elegant pants. In any event, Morris blouse won’t gather dust on a hanger. I love, love, love it! (more…)

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