Day of Discovery, June 26


This is a special day, or better to say the third special day when the Renaissance New York Hotel 57 is celebrating the event in more than 150 of its properties all over the world. The aim of the even is to promote culture, music and art through the visitors of the show. Moreover, this time the hotel decided to put the fashion stamp on the event by inviting iconic designer — Elie Tahari!

 Not much time passed since I got to know about Elie Tahari’s invitation to Fashion Group International’s Night of Stars ceremony this October where he is not only a guest but a prize holder as well, as there is another great even that can’t come without the Israeli designer. Fashionistas will be happy to see Elie Tahari trunk show in celebrating his brand’s 40th anniversary. Frankly speaking, partnership with Elie Tahari during this event excellently reflects hotel’s mantra that sounds proudly — live life to discover! And he knows a good deal of discovering as the greater part of his life Elie Tahari devoted to discovering women’s desires and preferences in fashion to create what they would love to wear. Good job, Elie Tahari!

Prize for Brand Vision to Elie Tahari

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Elie Tahari is an iconic Israeli-American designer, who managed to raise huge capical and create personal style with a couple of dollars in the pocket. He can boast 40 years of successful Elie Tahari brand history with a 40th anniversary celebration as one of the most bright events. But now there is time for just another celebration — a prize for brand vision.
This October is a special month for Diane von Furstenberg, the hero of the occasion and the famous American fashion designer. She started her careen earlier than Elie Tahari, in the `70s and the demand for her clothing has never decreased. Diane is 67 now and she deserved to be praised with a special prize and to be called a superstar by the Fashion Group International during their Night of Stars event.
Coming back to Elie Tahari, among others he’s going to be a special guest there and to get the prize specifically meant for him – it is called a prize ‘for brand vision’. Let me put the things right  – the envision, since there’s hardly anything else but for Elie Tahari’s special talent to foresee tendencies in fashion beforehand. Congratulations, Mr. Tahari, this is a decent award to honor his talents.

T Tahari Dresses: Beautiful, Affordable, Comfortable!

Work, work and work all year round. Those are happy people who can spend the whole summer resting on the beach, sipping cold cola and relaxing. If this sounds more like a dream than a reality you are among 90% or more who have to go to the office whatever the season is.
If you are thinking about what to dress to your work place so that it can be cheap, fashionable, cozy but not a pair of jeans, you can pay attention to T Tahari dresses that quite affordable to have a couple of them in the wardrobe.
Some words about T Tahari brand — this brand or better to say branch was launched in 2007 as a budget version of Tahari clothing. Budget doesn’t mean it’s shabby, it still features Elie Tahari sophisticated recognizable style but made of less expensive fabrics. Moreover, it seems if not all than a greater part of T Tahari dresses perfectly match an office everyday style. Here are only five of my favorite but you can find a great majority of them. When coupled witch certain accessories they can do as cocktail dresses too.

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