How to Wear Peep Toe Booties?

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Peep toe booties can hardly be referred to fall shoes, they are mostly like sandals with perforations and open toes. They can be classic, of reserved style with open toes and high heels, as well as extravagant or even brutal with straps, cuts, of military style. Whatever they are, they definitely add some zest to your whole look and a pair of them is a must have in lady’s wardrobe.

Elie Tahari has a separate ‘shelf’ dedicated to ankle boots and peep toe pumps. He known what a lady likes. He has them in his every collection by the way, underlining they are must haves. Suede high-hills with open toes look gorgeous. Here are some of Elie Tahari peep toes I chose to my liking: (more…)

Interviewing Elie Tahari

When so many years of experience are making a solid background of successful life & business it’s always interesting when one is ready to share bits of it. Elie Tahari celebrated 40th anniversary of his fashion brand last year that can boats more than $500 million revenue annually and a great number of boutiques in 40 countries around the world. But he could hardly believe it happen when he came to the United Stated with little money in his pocket. took a walk down memory lane with Elie Tahari to find out how he started his career. I found it interesting to share it with you:

In the fashion world, parties, heels, and glasses of bubbly are de rigueur. But every once in a while, there is the single celebration that is the exception. This year, the exceptional celebration belongs to Elie Tahari, who is marking 40 years of designing clothes for women across the globe. The Israeli-born fashion designer is celebrating the milestone with a special 40th-anniversary collection. Check it out here. (more…)

Elie Tahari Fall/Winter 2014 Collection

When temperature falls down there is nothing better to keep you warm and cozy than a coat. The collection of coats Elie Tahari presented for the Fall/Winter 2014 is numerous. Of course it’s better see them than to describe but there’s nothing to stop me from admiring them in a written form, hold me tight! (more…)