Elie Tahari: His Life in 21 Q&As

Elie Tahari

Now when 40 years of experience is behind Elie Tahari’s back his name is a brand name. And now it’s a norm that every fashion journalist is hunting for an exclusive interview with a world-known fashion designer. But while most attention is paid to his prospects, I would like first to remind how he started.

Currently Elie Tahari is running a $500 million business but he started with only $100 in a pocket. He is an example of how American dream came true. Since his parents divorced Elie spent many years of his teen-life in orphanage in Israel. When he was 17 he immigrated to the USA with you already know how much money. It’s hard to believe but he was an electrician at that time and he turned to work in Manhattan’s Garment District. That introduced him into a fashion industry. Being in the right place at the right time he decided to try his own hand in making clothing. This is how his brand was born. At that time disco parties were very popular but not much dresses were available to satisfy the needs of party-goers. This was the niche chosen by Tahari. He began to make flirty dance dresses. His dresses had a huge success among women so that after only 3 years of his living in the States Elie Tahari opened his first boutique on Madison Avenue. In the 80’s he tried to predict what women would like before their even know and again he hit the mark!

These were tailored suits that were redefined a decade later. Year after year Elie Tahari managed to create the clothing so craved by women so that in celebration of 40th anniversary he has been honored with a personal day ق€“ September 4, 2013.
Well, it’s clear now why Elie Tarary is so sought-after by fashion lovers as well as fashion journalists these days. These questions & answers I came across at http://www.thefashionspot.com will help you find more about iconic fashion designer: (more…)