Discussing Collar Styles of Elie Tahari Coats

When I was browsing over Elie Tahari outwear collection I noticed something I want to share with you. At first glance when I scrolled over the coats designed by Elie Tahari, say, at polyvore.com. my first impression was that all of them are of reserved strict style of a classic color palette preferably white, black, gray and beige. But once I started to separate one outfit from the other I found out what makes each of them unique, flavored with a dainty accent ق€” a collar.

Elie Tahari uses a mix of collar styles in his coast. From eccentric down filled pillow collars to classic points. In between the styles are numerous and each coat can work perfectly for a certain (often even some) occasion. So the following are the collars I like most in Elie Tahari coats, just to name a few: (more…)