Elie Tahari Will Design a Sukkah for the Jewish Festival of Sukkot (Photos)

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Elie Tahari is a bright and live example of how American dream can come true. Praised by American fashionistas for his lifetime achievements in fashion, Elie Tahari shows he never forgets about where he came from. 40 years ago with only a couple of dollars in his pocket he moved from Israel to the United States in pursuit of happy & wealthy life. And the luck turned its face to him as you can see now. But whenever there is a chance to underline his origin, Elie Tahari doesn’t miss it, just like this time. The Israeli-American designer has been charged a responsible task – to design a sukkah (a outdoor booth) for the Jewish festival of Sukkot. The festival, which is one of the most major events in the Jewish religious tradition, will last 7 days and will be celebrated at New York’s The Prime at the Bentley kosher restaurant.

Elie Tahari has already tried his hand in various activities he had never though about to intrude in. Some of them are bicycle decoration, creating of eyewear and legwear collections. Now he’ll add one more point to his resume – designing tents. Well, it sounds like he’s shifting to architecture a bit, the field he would like to be involved in if he hadn’t been a fashion designer.

In fact, this was Elie Tahari’s initiative to make the design of a tent for celebration. He approached Joseph Allaham, the Prime at the Bentley owner, and offered his help. Just like his clothing shine exquisite sophistication, the sukkah features amazing detail that makes every Jewish proud of. Moreover, this is going to be the biggest sukkah ever, which is undoubtedly the most pretty one. The Sukkah of Peace will welcome various organizations and delegations from around the world. This is something that has never been done before and will surely be loved by Jews and other guests of the holiday.

There are some pictures to give you the idea of a lovely construction. But if you live in New York or plan to be there on September 18th, you can visit this breathtaking sukkah which is to be open to the public this day. This is the address: 500 East 62nd Street New York, NY


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