Best Fit and Pretty Comfort is What Elie Tahari Offers

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Dainty look is usually associated with shape-fitted dress or suit, high heels, bold accessories and luxury overclothes to add the final touch. It looks gorgeous but not too wearable. It sounds like you have to have a certain dress code in case you want to get a dainty look. But Elie Tahari breaks that stereotype by offering first off cozy real fits.

By real I mean he creates outfits for real women of even plus size, not only to zero size models. That is why his brand is not only popular after 40 years of being on the market but grows wider winning more customers all over the world. Elie Tahair officially has his own day ق€“ September 4 declared by New York’s Mayor Bloomberg. Find more about great celebration of Elie Tahari day here. Israeli fashion guru prefers classic silhouettes but he livens them up with a modern edge. The main drive that boosts him for creating his new designs is that he wants every woman to feel beautiful every time she wears Elie Tahari clothes.

There are many celebrated women giving preference to Elie Tahari clothing but the most pleasant moment for the designer was when a mega star Angelina Jolie picked up one of Elie Tahari blouses to the movie premier! That was the moment to stick out. Elie Tahari is also a fan of Emmy Rossum after whom he named a lovely bag ق€“ Emmy Rossum tote.

Elie Tahari loves comfortable clothing and is always in a pair of jeans and snickers when working in the studio. Probably that inspires him for creating lax style without pretentiousness notes. But to brighten his look Tahari uses pops of colors that is why you can always find color block dresses and skirts in nearly every collection.


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