Elie Tahari 40th Anniversary Celebration (Photos Inside)

Birthday event is a nice chance to recollect how it all started. When 40 years of fruitful and hard work is behind, surely there is much to tell about. So Elie Tahari, who has recently celebrated 40th anniversary of his brand, plunged into recollections and a bit of nostalgia about his first experience as a fashion designer. Why not to pay more attention to that?

Elie Tahari’s first collection was demonstrated in 1976 in Studio 54. That time flashy styles were trendy that is why he concentrated on bright disco dresses. As you can see, he didn’t go wrong. Now Elie Tahari can even boast a day named after him! This is really a great honor, it’s kind of a proof that once a young Israeli man lived up to fashionista’s and not only expectations.

Everybody wants to know the source of expectations of a fashion designer. Elie Tahari doesn’t keep it in secret, he is open and claims that he finds it while traveling all around the world. By the way, this is Brazil city that gave him ideas concerning Spring/Summer 2014 collection. There is the combination of graceful curves and strong linear shapes found in the capitol of the country. Since these are buildings and various constructions (like TWA Terminal, remember?) that inspire fashion guru, he would probably be a good architect, don’t you think?

Since I’ve mentioned Elie Tahari Spring/Summer 2014 Collection already let’s focus on it now. Pops of colors are ‘summerie’ for both men and women styles: noble navy blue and shades of gray for men and white, blue, coral, snakeskin and flower prints for women. All outfits look relaxed yet tailored. There are many dresses just to match the season, but there are also lovely pants (lots of them!) for those who like to be on the go in a very comfortable way. Better enjoy it with your own eyes:


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