Elie Tahari … Bicycle?

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Elie Tahari Brooklyn Cruiser

As you can see from the previous posts (about Elie Tahari legwear and eyewear collections), Elie Tahari is working hard on widening his realm of activity/creativity. The strategy a guru designer uses is undertaking a task he’d never taken before. But while previously it was clothing, accessories and anything related with fashion, this time it’s rather a means of transportation than an outfit, however a fashionable one I must admit.

Hamptons magazine is celebrating a big date – 35th anniversary. Congrats! And this is also a cause to celebrate such a day in a special way. So the magazine is going to work with celebrities, fashion and home designers to doll up Brooklyn Cruiser bicycles as a part of a charity program of the event. Now guess what? Elie Tahari is one of the nine designers to receive a privilege of customizing one of the bikes which is alongside other bike to be shown at Hampton’s annual Memorial Day ceremony on May 25th. After the bicycles are shown all around they will be auctioned on July 12th.

Moreover, for those who wish to get one but have no possibility to be present during live auction, there is an option on online bidding. You still have time!

Participating designers include a Creative ambassador-at-large for Barney’s Simon Doonan, Hamptons Editor-in-Chief Samantha Yanks, Hamptons Publisher Debra Halpert, an author and celebrated designer Jonathan Adler, actress Ali Wentworth, Chef and TV personality Sandra Lee, ABC reporter George Stephanopoulos, TV personality Katie Lee, C.Wonder fashion and accessories design-house and a loved-by-women fashion designer Elie Tahari.

Briefly about Brooklyn Cruiser: this is a line of Brooklyn bicycles specifically created for city cruises. They have the same quality and durability and can boast unique designs. This time on celebrating 35th anniversary of Hamptons magazine, the designs promise to be definitely outstanding.

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