Elie Tahari Fall 2013 Collection (Photos Inside)

New York Fashion Week is over but the impressions are fresh, emotions are overrated, outfits were indeed great! Seven days of paradise, flowy fabrics, luxury fur coats, incredible designs, high heels! I simply can’t stop recalling all those lovely collections I’ve seen. There were many of them and I think I can speak for hours about them but Elie Tahari is my prior concern, don’t forget about that.

So here it is!

 Things I liked: 1) Easy-to-wear designs, strict yet not boring styles. Elie Tahari outfits are perfect for every day office wear and this designer is not about to change his tradition so far. 2) Skinny pants, they always look beneficial! 3) Animal prints combined with black, not much of it yet these touched add some charm to Elie Tahari’s outfits. 4) Suede booties. 5) Stand collars – I have tender feeling for them, don’t know why, but I think they look great.

Things I expected: 1) Brighter colors. I know fall is not spring, but it doesn’t yet suggest gloomy color palette. I like deep saturated colors for fall like burgundy, Pakistan green, pumpkin orange, navy blue, Russian violet and so on. There were little of blue, bits of white, brown, the rest but this was black to rule the podium. 2) More fitted designs. Most coats and some sweaters are too loose like hiding fictious drawbacks of a figure. 3) New totes and clutches. I do believe Elie Tahari is an expert of creating greatest totes and I hoped his models would have them on show.

Let me know about your impressions about Elie Tahari Fall 2013 Collection.

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