Elie Tahari … Bicycle?

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Elie Tahari Brooklyn Cruiser

As you can see from the previous posts (about Elie Tahari legwear and eyewear collections), Elie Tahari is working hard on widening his realm of activity/creativity. The strategy a guru designer uses is undertaking a task he’d never taken before. But while previously it was clothing, accessories and anything related with fashion, this time it’s rather a means of transportation than an outfit, however a fashionable one I must admit. (more…)

Elie Tahari Eyewear Collection to Come Soon

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It seems Elie Tahari gets thrilled with new ideas and experiments where he can implement all his talent and fantasy. Little time passed since an Israeli designer announced his prospects over a new sphere where he is to try his hands on; as a result we are to expect a gorgeous collection of legwear with a label of Elie Tahari on them.

Now there is a cause for another gasp of excitement – meet Elie Tahari eyewear collection! In a partnership with Colors in Optics Ltd. he is ready to unveil a full set of frames for men and women as a part of his spring collection 2014. There is no information yet about the shapes and colors Tahari gives preference to, so it’s going to be a pleasant surprise for fashion mongers, what can’t be said about the price which is pleasantly affordable – from $150 to $250. It looks like this is going to be a hot spring next year!