Try. Buy. Donate. Elie Tahari Helps to Kick Off the Hamptons Classic

If there is the list of most charitable fashion designers then Elie Tahari would be in the top. I’ve written already about other events he hosted or took part in and after a little hiatus he again is helping to gather money for charity. This time he was helping animals, not humans. ASPCA was his target.

On August 22 Elie Tahari was involved in kicking off the Hamptons Classic, one if not the only largest horse show in the country. The hosts were Georgina Bloomberg, Stormy Byorum and Chad Leat, the guests were numerous. Along with cocktails served and friendly atmosphere the guests could please themselves with Elie Tahari clothing. They were additionally motivated to buy it knowing that 10% of all of the sale would be donated to the ASPCA.

P.S. Georgina Bloomberg was so beautiful in Elie Tahari Avery Dress, wasn’t she?

The pictures are taken from here.

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