Elie Tahari Khloe Evening Gown ق€” Feel Like a Goddess! Be a Goddess!

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Some say that the tailor does not make the man, but is it really so? When dressed in jeans and saggy sweater with a huge tote over your shoulder you behave differently from when you are on high-heels wearing an elegant dress coupled with a chick clutch. Now pretend you are wearing an ankle-long red vine chiffon dress with a train falling on the floor and with a sexy sweetheart strapless neckline. Do you think there can be a man to resist your magic beauty?

The dress I’m talking about is Elie Tahari Khloe Evening gown and the reason why I’m now focusing on it is the price. It’s original price at Neiman Marcus is $698. Considering that this is not an outfit for everyday wear, it can be quite expensive for some ladies to spend a round sum of money for a one-night dress. But now you can get it at as low as $244, however in 10 size only. Hope you are a slim tall lady that gets a chance to look gorgeous.

Whatever your budget is, I wish you to look like a goddess regardless of what you are dressed in!

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