Elie Tahari iPhone Application

No need to say what mobile phones were created for ق€“ communication, when you can always be in touch with your nearest and dearest wherever you are. But with an era of internet mobile phones seem to attain additional functions so that you can tweet on your way to work or exchange emails with your friend, what you can also do is … online shopping!

As far as I’m more interested in Elie Tahari than in anything else the information above should somehow be connected with it and it really is. Elie Tahari is launching iPhone application that will enable any user to view the entire collection of this fabulous fashion designer. First, it’s absolutely free, simple download it and try. Second, there is a zoom option, you can enlarge the photos of the outfits you like and see the details, just like you would do that on your laptop. Next, you can buy whatever you like online! Unlike Style.com application that is good mostly for viewing the clothing what indeed makes your mouth watering, Elie Tahari is more oriented to sell his clothing via this application. Can this be the result of his recent reforms in a head office? Don’t know, but one thing is clear ق€“ more people will opt for Elie Tahari brand. Hope the outfits on sale will also be available for buying through this application. Let’s wait and see.

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