Elie Tahari Hires New Workers

Posted by writer | Elie Tahari |

After Elie Tahari chopped heads he is now thinking of how to find new ones. Actually he was thinking but now he’s decided whom he wants to see as the president of retail ق€“ Michael Celestino.

For the last 20 years Celestino had been working at Barneys, the chain of luxury department stores, however the executive vice-president was fired and replaced by Kevin Dyson who is on the lower position in Barneys. The reason is not known for sure but there definitely should be a serious reason to dismiss one of the members of the former seven-person executive team that ran the chain during two years. But I’m sure Elie Tahari knows the value of an experienced manager such as Michael Celestino, so hope Elie Tahari’s dream about more retail stores worldwide comes true.

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