Be a VIP at Elie Tahari VIP Shopping Night

It’s not that difficult to feel and look like a VIP. What you need is a dazzling style, which by the way doesn’t presuppose spending lots of cash on very expensive clothing. Elie Tahari is one of the designers who does care about your style and wallet. Feminine and elegant you will look once you are dressed in the clothing designed by this talented person. And yes, you will also feel a VIP if you decide to visit Elie Tahari VIP shopping night on Thursday, June 21.

There is a night when you can be treated like a princess. Cocktails and jazz music is only a part of the event. Lovely Elie Tahari clothing is the main target! But you should not hurry this time. Enjoy the party and get 20% off your purchase of $400 or more. The place location is 417 West Broadway. There is a chance there will be some celebrities who are true fans of Elie Tahari outfits like Emmy Rossum, Debra Messing, Jennifer Lawrence and many more. Take your chance (and friends) to get a nice Elie Tahari dress, or tote, or pants, or any other outfit you like!

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