Inspired by Tahari or the revealed talent of Dawn Deisler?

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Dawn Deisler has worked at Elie Tahari company for more than 20 years, but being so closely involved in fashion industry couldn’t just be left behind after so many years of experience. So she started to design clothing… for pets.

This blog is dedicated to Elie Tahari dresses and other outfits, but I was so impressed by this news so that I decided to post it here, too. Moreover I do believe the roots of Deisler’s talent goes back to her work with Elie Tahari, a super talented designer. Can his talent be contagious?:)

For a start, Dawn Deisler has a lovely dog named Chappy she adopted in 2004. A pet needed to be dressed in winter to feel warm but Deisler found it hard to buy an appropriate and lovely jacket for her four-legged friend. Moreover, Chappy looks great in red so the choice even more narrowed down to only red jackets. As you can guess, there was no one she liked so she decided to design the one by herself. Voila, she’s got a perfect costume that doesn’t tumble and pull at dog’s fur. And it turned out to be so eye-catching that the neighbors were insisting that Deisler told where she bought one. This was a nice motivation for her to create the collection of dog’s clothing from capes to raincoats which were later seen at runway show! Red patent leather, suede, neon lamb even python were seen on dogs modeling on the podium. Well, our four-legged friends deserve to be dressed properly, hope the outfits are not overpriced.

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