Where does Elie Tahari draw his inspiration?

Elie Tahari fiona pants

Elie Tahari Fiona Pants $248,00

I’m sure some fashionistas would die to find the answer to this question. Sitting in his studio in blue jeans, snickers, dark jacket and grass green scarf – how does he do that, creates those lovely looks being an example of one? It’s impossible to find out all the sources of inspiration yet I’ve discovered at least one of them – “Mad Men”, a series that makes every viewer mad about it in a good sense and Elie Tahari to think over his next collection.

Betty Draper so lively played by January Jones is not a bright character actually. She is mean but not her clothing: the clothing is restricted but look how worthily she wears blouses and dresses of ’60 styles. This is she who’s boosted Elie Tahari’s desire to come back to ’60 silhouettes and break into cutting pants to mid calves. If you are a fan of pants this can be your option. Of such length they look rather flattering especially if they are of blue spa or rio bravo color like Fiona pants. Pair them with a white T-shirt or sweater depending on the weather and jump into a pair of raffia wedges to more up-to-date look. This is a perfect match for go-for-a-walk occasion: if to consider that summer is coming with seven-league strides you are going to have plenty of chances to try Elie Tahari Fiona pents.

Wish you to have a nice walk the other day.

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