Elie Tahari is Chopping Heads

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Currently all headlines of fashion world are outrageous with Elie Tahari for firing nearly all top executives. Unexpected turn of events but a person who came to the States with nothing in his pockets and now is the owner of a huge industry with about $500 million revenue annually will definitely come it thorough and is sure he’s doing right.

The roots of such aggressive tendency of firing executives goes back to Kobi Halperin, the creative director, who eventually had some disagreement over Elie Tahari’s Fall 2012 collection and was expelled late last year. He was followed by his wife, chief financial officer, chief operating officer, president of wholesale, general counsel and head of human resources.

Of course, such event just can’t go without comments and Scott Currie told to The Post how he sees it: “He wanted to build the company into a global powerhouse, and he thought he needed to make a few changes”. Probably these are the changes how Elie Tahari sees them but I’m sure he knows what he does. Or he was inspired after he practiced Kabbalah and decided to make changes not simply in his life but amid his staff. Anyway, whatever is made behind the scenes let’s think there won’t be no reflection on his creative mind and future collections.

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