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Custom Wide Derby $245.00

One thing I noticed today: among all my posts found here there is no (sorry, except this one) full review on Elie Tahari belts. So I decided to fill this gab and this post is dedicated to lovely and useful accessories thoughtfully designed by talented Elie Tahari.

Material: high-quality python leather, croco styled leather, Italian nappa leather and so on. Some of the belts are hand-stitched so the leather on seams looks neat and accurate. All of them look high-class and durable.

Styles: skinny belt ق€“ a must-have staple in every lady’s wardrobe. They are very skinny and moderate sized belts for you to choose depending on your torso and the effect you want to get.

Wide bets ق€“ gorgeous ones! They are not simply made of a whole piece of leather but designed in sophisticated way (Nicky belt is my favorite). They are created to help you make a statement. You can have a simple dress of a solid color and buckle it up with any wide belt, say LBD and gold Rhonda belt. Timeless classic!

There is also an option for those fashionistas looking for unusual designs: a mixture of skinny and wide like custom wide Derby.

آ Color palette: there are no all colors of the rainbow like bring orange, red and blue. Most of them are croco styled of close-to-natural colors like grey, brownish, hazelnut, tango. They are mainly muted, so on the one hand they can match any clothes and on the other they can still be the eye-catchers. Solid colors are not trendy this season, that’s why you won’t find many in Elie Tahari collection.

And the last thing to mention about belts ق€“ they are not as affordable as you can wish. The price for a skinny starts from $178 and raises up to $245 for custom wide Derby. With that said, the upcoming sale is going to be a fantastic opportunity to save up some bucks and get one or two accessories at a reasonable price. Hurry up then!

Rhonda Belt $228.00

Casey Belt $128.00

Felicity Belt $178.00

Nicky Belt $248.00

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