Elie Tahari is Definitely Obsessed With Python Prints

Elie Tahari hand printed python

Most likely inspired by the previous post, I found this and actually many more python printed handbags and clutches among latest Elie Tahari accessories. It’s definitely in fashion now and even though I’m not a fan of animal-printed style, I tell you this is going to be a print I’m smitten with. Vicky bag in this variation is too exotic for me with too vivid prints, but with that in mind Elie Tahari tried to meet the needs of all girls this season in terms of design, prints and color. I would pick Vicky, which is too appealing to me, of solid solaria color, black blocks and grey python printed color block (see below). A mixture that definitely draws my attention.

How to wear: It’s perfect to suit solid attire of either beige, black or grey tones and the related shades. Such clothing is a nice background to underline the bag’s exquisiteness.

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