Cover Girls Are Wearing Elie Tahari Closing This Season

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Nothing can complement designers more and underline their high status better than photos of celebrities wearing their clothes on the covers of popular glossies. Thus, Elie Tahari’s popularity seems to be gaining momentum among TV and movie stars. Not so long ago the Glamour cover was adorned with a fascinating photo of Hollywood rising star Jen Lawrence whose prettiness and freshness was wonderfully accentuated by Elie Tahari’s alluring golden top.

This time it’s Debra Messing shining on the Gotham’s cover. The abundance of the white color seems quite dazzling: white background, white trouser suit from Elie Tahari’s newest collection and the actress’s pearly-white broad smile. However, nothing can look more gorgeous and harmonious than this stylish combination. If the extravagant golden top from the Glamour cover complemented the model’s youth, the luxurious gown Debra is wearing proves to be a wonderful match to her maturity and elegance. The 43-year-old star of “Will & Grace” and “The Wedding Date” looks fantastic with her peach-colored skin, dark makeup and fiery hair. Thus, it becomes quite clear that Elie Tahari is able to create clothes for everyone – for young and fervent girls and elegant women, for film-stars and mere mortals.

So, this versatile designer is now one of the most remarkable phenomena of the industry, and he will keep on amazing us with his fantastic collections.

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