Flats: Created For A Walking

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Posh, stylish, feminine look is usually associated with high-heeled style which is indeed jaw-dropping but not quite comfortable for everyday wear. So, it would be nice to have a compromise, a mixture of practical and chick trends, and there is one ق€“ flats!

Once you see the collections of Elie Tahari flats, your stereotype of gym-styled shoes will disperse in a moment. Depending on the design you choose you can find flats are versatile. You like dresses? Nothing easier to wear flats and dress together. Take beaded or laced flats that are elegant and very cozy. You claim casual style is your favorite? Put on a T-shirt, jeans and jump into a pair of flats of any style to see they are a nice match. If you love traveling and sightseeing is your main goal, I think there is no other better foot wear than flats, since they are very comfortable for roaming the city streets and they diminish the risk your feet getting tired or rucking up. It’s a kind of rule for any fashionista to have a good pair of them in the wardrobe. I love my silver one-buttoned ballet flats but THESE on the poster make me drooling over.

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