Nice to See You Again, Catherine Malandrino!

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malandrino 2012

It wasn’t that long ago when Catherine Malandrino’s company went through hard financial times and who knowns what would be the end of this story if it hadn’t been for Elie Tahari, who gave his helping hand to really talented fashion designer, who has just proved that her styles are one-of-a-kind and really make an outstanding contribution to the world of fashion.

After Elie Tahari and Catherine Malandrino announced about their partnership, all fashion experts and trendsetters hold their breath waiting to see the results of such unexpected tandem and only yesterday turned to be a day of relief. The duet unleashed amazing ق€“ by any objective measures ق€“ collection Fall 2012 Presentation. We may only scratch our heads guessing how they could do that and heap the models with oohs and ahhs. Now the pieces come under the new Catherine Malandrino Black Label. Tempting as they are, it’s hard to hold oneself from buying one, however apart from having a wallet for it you should also have a figure to wear it. The thing is, the majority of cocktail dresses are made of sheer and semi-translucent fabrics that, on the one hand, will underline your beautiful shapes, but on the other will expose your drawbacks if your figure is not that good. Apart from these dresses, there were many other eye-catching designs including leather outfits, jewel-tone dresses and costumes, lace and fur details.
Welcome back, Catherine Malandrino. And thank you, Elie Tahari.






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