Bravo Elie Tahari? No, Rio Bravo Elie Tahari!

When I was musing and drooling over upcoming spring/summer and enjoying the pleiad of models catwalking to showcase all those gorgeous clothing, I was probably too fascinated to mention in my previous post one very striking yet incredibly lovely color we are going to see this season โ€“ Rio Bravo. Let me be mistaken, but I think the choice of the color was suggested by multicolored atmosphere of Rio de Janeiro, where this Resort collection 2012 takes its roots.

So sunny and saturated this color however is not the one you can jump in and wear. In this case Elie Tahari’s advice and 9 ways how to wear it will be very handy. The choice of the outfits of this color offered by Elie Tahari is rather wide: pants, jacket, blouse, midi and short skirts, dress and booties. Of course, trendy color doesn’t mean you have to buy every item of it and wear all you have at a time. You will definitely be an eye-catcher in not very good sense of it ๐Ÿ™‚

A bold and eccentric women who love to be in the center of everybody’s attention will find Penelope dress ($298) magnetic! The dress won’t only light up the room but your mood as well.

For less courageous ladies there is another option: Rio Bravo looks not too excessive when combined with grey. Wear bright pants with grey blouse or vice verse, you will look stylish and not too drab: good for the office and for drinks.
In case you are too shy to be a bright spot, you can opt only for Rio Bravo accessories like booties, clutch or belt. โ€œBravoโ€ will be the only exclamation you would hear when wearing any of them.

Let your spring and summer be bright!

Elie Tahari rio bravo

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