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Apart from being an outstanding fashion designer, Elie Tahari is know for his social activities. You can often see him taking part in various campaigns with the latest one devoted to increasing the awareness of cancer issue which he promoted together with Jennifer Hudson. The event he is going to be a sponsor at is Young Collector Night taking place at the East Side House Settlement.

The night of January 26th will become a magnet place for more than 650 visitors, among them there will be interior designers, antiques enthusiasts, collectors and philanthropists. Though this is not a runway show where you can view the collection of Elie Tahari clothing like of fall collection 2012, but this is still the event where alongside the antique items the clothes is on the show.
But in keeping with the the theme of high-end event, I should say this is not Elie Tahari’s first try in the role of a sponsor here. This is actually the third and hopefully not the last. It’s quite thrilling for him to be the host of such a great event which last year has a tremendous success. There will be cocktails to cheer up the mood and to create certain relaxing atmosphere. Benjamin Moore, the co-sponsor of the party, claimed it was a privilege for him to have his share in making the event possible, so does Elie Tahari think.

As far as one of the host is a known fashion designer, I’m sure there will be guests wearing Elie Tahari’s outfits, either for comfy or to flatter the designer:)

young collector's show

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