Elie Tahari Leather Trim Wool Coat

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‘There is no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes’ Englishmen used to say and like a real gentleman Elie Tahari offered the most matching clothes to resist bad weather – Elie Tahari Leather Trim Wool Coat!

Treat yourself with a timeless silhouette of, on the one hand, classic style and on the other a coat topped with asymmetrical collar detail, which gives an outfit a little character. The idea of trimming lower sleeves with tonal leather is fantastic. This is not a usual ornamental border, but unexpectedly a large part of a sleeve made in tone with the coat ق€“ oil/milk. (more…)

Elie Tahari Private Sale

On November 2, Elie Tahari Private Sale launched! Breaking all standards, the products on half-year sale are not those with little size options left. Even though you have about two months left till Christmas time, but it’s just a nice opportunity to create holiday atmosphere right now by choosing an attire for the party. You are offered a customer-friendly discount ق€“ 40% off. The outfits for sale include clothing and accessories.


I’m Your Venus, I’m Your Fire at Your Desire

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I can’t think of anything else except this phrase from the song when I see these Elie Tahari incredible strap sandals/boots.

A goddess on a mountain top you will feel in a flowy dress coupled with these golden sandals. They are definitely powerful eye-catchers, so that they can stand alone sparkling gold. But if you want to have a balanced ensemble, pair them with a belt or large tribal necklace or clutch of a similar color.

Well, it seems I am not up to wear autumn outfits right now, I miss summer greatly.