Elie Tahari Pumps: Comfortable Shoes for Everyday Wear

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Chic, elegant and comfortable ق€“ these are the adjectives used by fashion lovers to describe Elie Tahari shoe. I’m the reader of yourchicisshowing.com and was pleased to discover that Erika is in love with Elie Tahari pumps and sandals. I’m sure Erika is one of the whole army of admirers of Elie Tahari outfits.

It’s useless to focus on Elie Tahari shoes Erika has as these are old models, but they still look great and up-to-day, so let’s better see what is in trend now. One of the main criteria of pump shoes is how long you can wear them. For example, Erika could wear them all day long, about 18 hours! It sounds great concerning the fact that we are not speaking about flats but high heels. But now there are the pumps you can wear from morning till night without being tired: Blaire pump ($328) to my mind is the perfect option for everyday occasion. One the one hand, they look strict and classic especially when in black color, but on the other the snake print on a platform and heel adds some chick flattering element. You can intensify the effect by combining them with a snake print clutch of the similar ornament. Well, the best thing I like about them is a timeless style, even in five years they will look fabulous. Aren’t they amazing?

Buy Fashion at a Lower Price

I’ve stumbled upon Poshmark.com website where you can easily buy brand outfits at a ridiculously low prise. I should have had my hands tightly tied not to share this information with you, how could I keep quiet? Yes, Elie Tahari outfits are out there also and they are cheaper than ever.

Some things I really like:

–Elie Tahari beach cover up for only $15 and it doesn’t matter what season is now the rule ‘get the things you need ready in good time’ woks the best here;


Elie Tahari 2012 Sample Sale

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Sales at Elie Tahari boutiques are quite often, haven’t you noticed that? (Elie Tahari pants on sale,big price off some of his outfits to name the latest)آ  It can be a pleasant bonus when you get 10%-20% on your purchase, but this is a real blessing when you buy a thing three times cheaper then it is! This is what we expect on October 16-20. Though the sale is 5 days long, but it’s always better to get there on the first day when the wide range of sizes is still available. Take your chance!

Elie Tahari Pants Clearance Sale

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I simply can’t be quiet when I come across such incredible sales. Now Elie Tahari pants are at a low price at Gilt. Instead of $178 you only have to pay $49! Doesn’t it show that every person can look stylish, simply buy the outfits at a discount price. Many items are already sold out but there is still some pants you can choose from. So hurry up!

Animal Prints Implemented in Elie Tahari Outfits

Animal prints can be seen in nearly each collection of various designers and though they can be hardly referred to wardrobe essentials but they are really the staple this year. Elie Tahari knows a lot about animal prints!

floral animal printed elie tahari skirt