Elie Tahari RTW Spring 2013: Created for Wearing and Inspiration


Do you think there ever exists a cocktail party with unusual Palm Spring dress code? Yes if it’s Elie Tahari who makes a preview of his spring collection. Chick and flirty next spring is going to be so are the ladies wearing Elie Tahari clothing. (more…)

Office Outfits: Elie Tahari Best Styles for Work

Fall is just behind the corner with colder days demanding warmer clothes and depending in what part of the world you live it’s either very quick to come or not. But whatever season it is now, if it’s not your vacation time you will have to go to the office at least five days a week. And if it’s a dilemma with you what to wear, I’m here to help you… well, and Elie Tahari, too. (more…)

Deep Blue Fall: Elie Tahari Fall/Winter 2012

I’ve already mentioned about Elie Tahari Fall/Winter Collection for this year, but this is really the issue to focus more on it.

If it’s the first time you are having a deal with Elie Tahari clothing, then what you should know in case you haven’t yet noticed is that his outfits even though are seen on models are good for everyday wear. Feminine is what you are going to look when in Elie Tahari attire. And Fall/Winter 2012 is no exception.