Dress Starts With a Feminine Neckline

Elie Tahari dress


Elie Tahari, even if you haven’t seen his clothes you should have heard about it, is known for creating feminine dresses. Elegant lines underlining your merits and prints hiding your drawbacks are only some components the guru of fashion is playing with and what I’m always surprised with is how simple yet how amazing his dresses are. This time I’m charmed by lovely lilac Nicola Dress.


Unpretending simplicity and nice color shade is what caught my attention. I don’t like peacock flashy colors and hard-to-describe styles. I like the dresses what makes me look lovely and this is the one from the neckline to the hemline. Speaking about neckline, it has two pin tucks ق€“ simple but attractive. This is a perfect choice for spring, autumn and winter as far as it’s made of wool with 5% of elastane for impeccable silhouette. The sleeves are elbow-length, not too short to make you cold and not too long so that you’ll have to tuck them up to feel comfortable. Pamper yourself with a lovely dress!

Elie Tahari iPhone Application

No need to say what mobile phones were created for ق€“ communication, when you can always be in touch with your nearest and dearest wherever you are. But with an era of internet mobile phones seem to attain additional functions so that you can tweet on your way to work or exchange emails with your friend, what you can also do is … online shopping! (more…)

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