Elie Tahari Avery Dress

Summer is hot and tiresome with burning sun and scare rains. Yet you can make it cheerful with little efforts paid, well, to be honest with a big buck instead: Elie Tahari Avery Dress ق€“ a dress to express.

Cut is not the only thing to draw attention. This is also the fabric that beckons women to waste their time standing at the shop windows admiring the outfits. Undoubtedly, Elie Tahari knew this aspect as well as lady’s weakness for attractive attires as far as he accurately created his Avery Dress. (more…)

Big Price off Some Elie Tahari Outfits

Sales is what really makes me happy. Known brands like Calvin Klein, Giorgio Armani, Alberta Ferretti, Nina Ricci and others seem to offer high-quality, exceptional clothings but at frankly speaking high price. Unfortunately Elie Tahari is often in that list also. Also but not always though! (more…)

Flashy Accessory ق€” Elie Tahari Maura Handbag in Orange

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Do you remember me speaking about a flashy thing to be coupled with a simple dress? I guess I’ve found the right one, though I’m not sure it’s perfect for Elie Tahari Stuart Sequin Striped Dress. Elie Tahari Maura Handbag is a bag I fell in love with from the first sight. But orange/blue jay is much better color composition than chestnut/purple, though it’s according to my humble opinion. Frankly speaking I more envision it as a complement to casual jeans & blouse style where the tote is the main eye-catching element.

The price can be a stumbling stone: $528.00 is not the sum every customer can easily drop. But on the other hand, Maura handbag is not an item that will stay on the shelf till the sale. So if you have some extra money you can afford to spend, take a chance as this is a win-win accessory!

Elie Tahari Stuart Sequin Striped Dress

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Even a simple dress can look flattering when it is accented with some beautiful details. Elie Tahari has a range of such kind of outfits in his arsenal where Stuart Sequin Striped Dress probably holds the leading position.

Stuart dress is excellent for wearing in office and business meetings. For someone it even can be a day to night dress when complemented with bright accessories or a jacket at night, but I would still let it be an office outfit. It looks strict and elegant when coupled with pumps or high heels as due to its fitting style it makes a wearer look slimmer.

The best thing about it is the price. When bought from Amazon it won’t cost you a big bucks – $119.00, so you will be able to spare some money for a flashy accessory.

Elie Tahari Gwen Python & Leather Flats and Some Facts About Flats

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I definitely have passion for ballerina flats. I just can’t omit them when I see a pair of. Now you know I’ll praise to the skies another pair of ballerina shoes and I surely will, lol. Hold on, this time they are Elie Tahari Gwen Python & Purple Leather flats. (more…)

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