White Dress: for Evening and Day Wear

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It’s a kind on stereotype to think that the office clothing should be dark and gloomy, it then makes the style more strict and office-like. In summer it’s especially hard to have that kind of a look when all around is so bright like a splash of various colors. On the other hand, a multi-colored dress won’t be appropriate as an office outfit; too showy it will liven up your mood yet won’t inspire you to work (unless you work in a fashion industry). So there is a compromise ق€“ a white dress! (more…)

Waft of Inspiration from Fabulous Interior of Elie Tahari Office

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There is always a cloak of mystery surrounding fashion designers and one would pay millions to remove it in order to find a secret source of inspiration. The sources are different with every designer, but as for Elie Tahari he draws the ideas from the inside… of his office.

Fabulous, amazing, jaw-dropping, high-end ق€“ it seems any word would be suitable to describe it. Bye the way, it is located in Milburn, New Jersey. The place is full of garden landscapes backlighted at night. This and wide open space is a powerful inspiration for creative people working alongside Elie Tahari. In one word, Elie Tahari created perfect work environment for his team so that they could make alluring clothing. Judge for yourself! (more…)

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