Tyson Galleria is a Very Appealing Place for Visiting

Get ready for a great sale! If you live in McLean, Virginia, United States or you are planning to be there in a period between 6/27/2012 and 7/27/2012 beware, this is a good time for buying Elie Tahari clothing. Tyson Galleria is definitely a worth-to-visit location these days and there you will find many Elie Tahari styles on sale. The good thing about the sale is that you can save up to 50% (unfortunately not 70% as it was in spring), but the bad one is that only selected styles are at discount price. It means it will be a kind of disappointment if you like an outfit but it will be at full price. On the other hand, there can be a thing a half cheaper than it usually is, of your size and to your liking. So don’t miss this chance!

6/27/2012 – 7/27/2012
Store: Elie Tahari
Location: 2

Contact: (571) 765-3396

Elie Tahari Hires New Workers

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After Elie Tahari chopped heads he is now thinking of how to find new ones. Actually he was thinking but now he’s decided whom he wants to see as the president of retail – Michael Celestino.

For the last 20 years Celestino had been working at Barneys, the chain of luxury department stores, however the executive vice-president was fired and replaced by Kevin Dyson who is on the lower position in Barneys. The reason is not known for sure but there definitely should be a serious reason to dismiss one of the members of the former seven-person executive team that ran the chain during two years. But I’m sure Elie Tahari knows the value of an experienced manager such as Michael Celestino, so hope Elie Tahari’s dream about more retail stores worldwide comes true.

Elie Tahari Venezia Dress

Venezia dress, $448.00

“You’ll fall in love with this ruby-inspired shift dress, featuring beautiful complimentary trim and collar” I read on Elie Tahari official website. He must have had second sight:) I love it!

The length is summery, I mean quite short yet decent and would do Ok for the office. The trim is the main zest here. It seems it was jauntily made with the paint strokes, however they can’t be called negligent. Coupled with the collar they make a great ensemble. Here they are complemented by violet suede high heels together with python and violet clutch. Chick and stylish!

Elie Tahari Venezia dress will help you be a knockout for the surroundings!

Elie Tahari Ballet Flats on Sale

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Elie Tahari Jacey Espadrille Ballet Flat

I couldn’t just keep quiet when I came across this amazing Elie Tahari Ballet flats sale! I still thing they are created for walking, even when I turn my head towards high heels (they are real eye-catchers, aren’t they?). I’m keen on the latter when I see them, but I really feel cozy when I’m in flats. I think my legs will never get tired when the flats are on. (more…)

Be a VIP at Elie Tahari VIP Shopping Night

It’s not that difficult to feel and look like a VIP. What you need is a dazzling style, which by the way doesn’t presuppose spending lots of cash on very expensive clothing. Elie Tahari is one of the designers who does care about your style and wallet. Feminine and elegant you will look once you are dressed in the clothing designed by this talented person. And yes, you will also feel a VIP if you decide to visit Elie Tahari VIP shopping night on Thursday, June 21. (more…)

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