Inspired by Tahari or the revealed talent of Dawn Deisler?

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Dawn Deisler has worked at Elie Tahari company for more than 20 years, but being so closely involved in fashion industry couldn’t just be left behind after so many years of experience. So she started to design clothing… for pets. (more…)

Where does Elie Tahari draw his inspiration?

Elie Tahari fiona pants

Elie Tahari Fiona Pants $248,00

I’m sure some fashionistas would die to find the answer to this question. Sitting in his studio in blue jeans, snickers, dark jacket and grass green scarf – how does he do that, creates those lovely looks being an example of one? It’s impossible to find out all the sources of inspiration yet I’ve discovered at least one of them – “Mad Men”, a series that makes every viewer mad about it in a good sense and Elie Tahari to think over his next collection. (more…)

Elie Tahari is Chopping Heads

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Currently all headlines of fashion world are outrageous with Elie Tahari for firing nearly all top executives. Unexpected turn of events but a person who came to the States with nothing in his pockets and now is the owner of a huge industry with about $500 million revenue annually will definitely come it thorough and is sure he’s doing right.

The roots of such aggressive tendency of firing executives goes back to Kobi Halperin, the creative director, who eventually had some disagreement over Elie Tahari’s Fall 2012 collection and was expelled late last year. He was followed by his wife, chief financial officer, chief operating officer, president of wholesale, general counsel and head of human resources. (more…)

Buckle Up With Elie Tahari Belts!

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Custom Wide Derby $245.00

One thing I noticed today: among all my posts found here there is no (sorry, except this one) full review on Elie Tahari belts. So I decided to fill this gab and this post is dedicated to lovely and useful accessories thoughtfully designed by talented Elie Tahari. (more…)