Hot Fall 2012!


The collection of Elie Tahari shown in New York proved to be the embodied femininity in its best colors and angles. Saturated colors, body-conscience silhouettes, smokey eyes and romantic hairstyles – these were the main characteristic features one could have noticed at his presentation. One more thing was the relaxed and cozy atmosphere, for that was not actually a classic runway fashion show, but a presentation in a large enlightened show-room. The models were standing still demonstrating the pieces of clothing. That was a fine solution for a prêt-a-porter collection because such way of demonstration lets the spectators scrutinize the details to their hearts’ content. (more…)


What is the best way to meet the spring? By creating an appropriate mood when wearing an appropriate outfit and I found this Elie Tahari Roxana dress meet the requirements the best. Of lovely lilac color it resembles the flower and if the color is not enough for you there are ruffles to finish the look. It is so delicate that I think it will fit any woman, especially swarthy one, like the model demonstrating it. Sleeveless with a seamed waist I think it is nice for any occasion: you can wear it to the office and then catch up with your friends after your work and still look stunning. (more…)

Nice to See You Again, Catherine Malandrino!

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malandrino 2012

It wasn’t that long ago when Catherine Malandrino’s company went through hard financial times and who knowns what would be the end of this story if it hadn’t been for Elie Tahari, who gave his helping hand to really talented fashion designer, who has just proved that her styles are one-of-a-kind and really make an outstanding contribution to the world of fashion. (more…)

Bravo Elie Tahari? No, Rio Bravo Elie Tahari!

When I was musing and drooling over upcoming spring/summer and enjoying the pleiad of models catwalking to showcase all those gorgeous clothing, I was probably too fascinated to mention in my previous post one very striking yet incredibly lovely color we are going to see this season – Rio Bravo. Let me be mistaken, but I think the choice of the color was suggested by multicolored atmosphere of Rio de Janeiro, where this Resort collection 2012 takes its roots. (more…)