Elie Tahari and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: Not Together but Parallel?

It’s hard to imagine such a great event as the fashion week, which is by the way just around the corner, without Elie Tahari. The preparation for the show is going full steam with samples of the collections arriving every day, but according to pink-haired designer Chris Benz, who is longing for his presentation under the tents of the Lincoln Center dated on February 13th, the major part of the collection will arrive closer to the beginning of the show. It of course lessen the time for fitting and fining, but according to the laws of genre there is hardly a minute to tweak each piece despite the fact that every designer does the utmost to get ready for the show beforehand. (more…)

Sense the Summer Breeze With the Help of Elie Tahari Spring/Summer Collection of 2012

Elie Tahari alongside his womanish stiled clothing now practicing in ‘dollish’ style as well, judging from this amazing collection for Spring/Summer 2012. Did you see it? Unbelievably beautiful and unexpected. I would strongly believe to see something of this kind from Anna Sui, who loves to have a shower from bright colors. When Elie Tahari said he has lots of surprises in his sleeve referring to his latest tendency for colorful clothing, I couldn’t think he was that serious. What he showcased during Spring/Summer 2012 runway show is above all praise. (more…)

Sponsored by Elie Tahari

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Apart from being an outstanding fashion designer, Elie Tahari is know for his social activities. You can often see him taking part in various campaigns with the latest one devoted to increasing the awareness of cancer issue which he promoted together with Jennifer Hudson. The event he is going to be a sponsor at is Young Collector Night taking place at the East Side House Settlement. (more…)

A Pop-up Dress from Elie Tahari

pencey dress

Celebrities are known trend-setters, so fashionista used to spy on them in order to find out the latest in style. Intentionally or not but this time famous ladies picked up Elie Tahari Pencey Dress as their preference. What is more, it seems this lovely white gown is popular among Korean pop divas, just another confirmation that Elie Tahari is a renowned WORLD-known fashion designer.


Start the New Year on a Trendy Note!

As Christmas and New Year parties are over and festive dresses put aside, it’s time to get to work. There is kinda of a rule: the way you start the year that’s how it’s going to be. So let it be trendy! As the main time is mostly spend at work, it’s better to take care of your work apparel to have a strict yet fashionable look. With Elie Tahari women’s outfits it won’t be very tricky. It seems he knows how a lady should look like: feminine and elegant. So if you are seeking for some nice outfits, these ones from the outstanding fashion designer fit the bill: (more…)